Corporate Sessions 

 Lioness is a playful and innovative way for women to rediscover their innate leadership skills. We bring women together to sweat in nature through a unique approach that uses the physical body as a means to re-teach the brain and the heart what they have forgotten. 

When we playfully and mindfully move into nature as a pride of women, escaping the voices that hold us back, working through challenges as a community, and breaking down barriers to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we rediscover ourselves. It’s this process that lets us uncover the powers that lie within each and every one of us.

Play is an incredible tool that opens the door to learn more about ourselves, our health and our authentic leadership qualities. When we let down our guard and remember how to play, we reconnect to the girl within each of us and can courageously step into the women and leader we are meant to be. 

Core Values:


Leading by example is the most impactful way to lead, but only when leading from a place of authenticity. We must know who we are if we want to lead authentically and inspire others to greatness.


Health is not only about biometrics - it’s about feelings and mindset. When these are dialled, biometrics will be optimal. When health is whole, so are we.


Research proves the health benefits of play and without question a playful mindset is correlated to open-mindedness and skill sets including strategic thinking and healthy communication skills. 


When we train our courage muscle, we can rule our lives with confidence. This translates into better decisions, stronger leadership, and happier people. 


Developing mindfulness practices around one’s thoughts and actions is imperative to live and lead in alignment with our core values. When we operate from a place of integrity, we are far more likely to thrive in our professional and personal lives. 


Walk away with refined sense of self, with improved leadership skills and capacity to create effective change in the workplace. 

Tools to support habits that will transform how you live and lead.

How to use your re-discovered individual strengths to generate improved team results. 

*Ongoing support may be discussed for enhanced on-site integration.


Options exist for half-day or full-day programs. Please contact Dr. Cupido for specific schedules.

Program Content

Welcome. Mind & Body Preparation.

During this time, we come together as women. We connect and prepare our minds and bodies for our time together. We begin to break down barriers and inspire one another to step beyond our comfort zones. It’s only when we begin to get comfortable with being uncomfortable that we can transform. 

As a doctor of chiropractic, I take movement very seriously. I educate and prepare our group thoroughly for the physical challenges that we will encounter during our Lioness Session. This preparation will be something our group of women can take with them into their own lives, to build stronger, healthier bodies. 

Mental resilience will certainly be a part of our experiences together. We will therefore begin our conversation on the topic of mindset. Successful women and leaders must optimize their mindset to thrive. We will provide tools in order to shift mindset for success.    

Lioness Session

We will embark on an adventure in nature that allows us to use our natural surroundings as a playground, gym, and creative canvas. Picture parkour in nature, but with mindfulness practices looped into the mix, hooting and hollering and a whole lot of silliness. Envision letting a group of 8-year-olds into the wild to jump, run, climb, animal walk, balance, throw, roll, be silly… play. We do just this, but fit in specific challenges, a few repetitions here and there and a whole lot of support. 

Jumping and movement tasks that were once simple as a girl can bring up many different forms of fear in women: fear of failure, of injury, of not being the best, of embarrassment, and the list goes on. Everyone will encounter something that is difficult for them and everyone will encounter something they are wonderful at. Strengths arise from people in unexpected ways as do weaknesses - this is the beauty of this work with women. As women, we support, we inspire, we elevate each other to succeed and feel awesome! 

Personal Integration

This work is designed to help each and every woman process the physical sensations and emotions they experienced in the Lioness Session. During this time, we work through perceived failures, successes, challenges, fears, moments of hilarity and discomfort, and so on. We get to look within to discover more about ourselves and realize how awesome we are. 

This work is so important as we must know who we are if we know what we stand for. To know what your value is and lead with confidence in all areas of one’s life, we need this. This lets us know when to say “no” and when to say “yes”. We need to learn how to overcome internal limitations to stand in our power, believe in ourselves and know we can deliver when we are clear and focused on our goals and our skills. 

Conversations regarding self-care always arise during conversation as women too often place themselves at the bottom of their priority list. When we care for ourselves better, we can bring our best selves to the world. 

Some of this work will be introspective and private and other aspects will be group-based. Boundaries will be challenged and yet comfort zones will be 100% respected. Women will feel supported and feel that they are not alone in their challenges. 

Habit Integration

Willpower can be fleeting but habits and rituals have the power to create permanent and positive change in our life. The way we think, communicate, eat, create, network, and so many other behaviours in our life have become habits. We must know our habits to override them. We will work through our patterns and the tools to change them to be a more effective leader and a healthier woman. 

Lioness Exercises

These exercises will go one step beyond the Lioness Session by working through carefully designed activities that will challenge the women as teams. The positive and educational side-effects of these creative and body-based activities will be palpable for each and every woman.


In groups of 5, create the most effective way to get your team across this fallen tree without the soles of 3 of your teammates’ shoes touching the log.  

Discussion points will include:

  • thinking outside of the box
  • body awareness
  • willingness to fail
  • mental resilience
  • physical strength
  • communication

Accountability Tools

We need to own our choices. We must learn how to hold ourselves accountable and know how and when to turn to others to ensure we remain committed to the changes we want to witness. We will complete powerful exercises and be given tools to improve our personal accountability. 

Parting Intentions

This is when we formally commit to taking what we have felt and processed and turning it into tangible action. While we are riding high on motivation, we must put our tools in place to ensure that when motivation is low, we can still execute brilliantly and effectively. Motivation waves are normal, so with clear intentions of how to manage our lows, we will be able to thrive. 

Feedback From Other Lionesses:

I feel more powerful.
I can look in people’s eyes with greater confidence.
I know what I’m worth.
I’m willing to stand up for what I know to be true.
I feel bigger and bolder.
I know how to inject exercise into my busy days now.
I’m totally inspired.
I want to be better!
Surrounding myself with incredible women lifts me up and makes me believe more in myself.
Being with other women who share their struggles makes me know I’m not alone. 
I feel lighter and more playful.
I feel more confident.
I feel better in my body.
I’ve exercised for 10 days in a row since my first Lioness session.
I’ve changed my diet and I’m feeling so much lighter and more clear in my brain.
I feel recharged after Lioness sessions. 
I’ve been connecting better with my children.
I’ve rediscovered play with my husband.
I feel more courageous.

Do you want the women on your team to:

  • lead with greater confidence
  • lean in more
  • step into their power
  • feel more balanced in their lives
  • be in greater health?

If your answer is yes, please contact Dr. Carla Cupido to inquire about corporate Lioness sessions for your female employees/team. 

This kind of investment will be visible in areas including and beyond your bottom line.