"Through Lioness, Dr. Carla Cupido brings together women to combine physical challenges, nature and community to radically impact fitness, self-belief and leadership using an unlikely and simple concept: group play. Lioness reconnects women with who they were before life got “too busy” and empowers them to reclaim their bodies, their confidence, and realign with what really matters in life."
~Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project
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Being a Lioness is about more than just playing in the forest. It's about finding the balance between discipline and play. It's about training not only your body, but also your mind. It's about a commitment to yourself that enables you to lead with greater clarity, passion, and energy for those who look up to you.

Whether you are a teacher, a mother, or a CEO, we all have a physical body that can be used as a tool to dive deeper within ourselves in order to expand into our greatness. 

Side Effects Include:

  • Improved overall athleticism (strength, flexibility, agility, power, speed, endurance, coordination, balance, and more)
  • Increased confidence + resilience 
  • Improved mind-body connection 
  • New definitions of exercise
  • Deepened connection to yourself, nature + other like-minded and inspiring women
  • Improved neuro-motor patterning + subsequent tissue health
  • Strengthened play & smile muscles