"Through Lioness, Dr. Carla Cupido brings together women to combine physical challenges and community to radically impact fitness, self-belief and leadership using an unlikely and simple concept: group play. Lioness reconnects women with who they were before life got “too busy” and empowers them to reclaim their bodies, their confidence, and realign with what really matters in life."

~Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project

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"You’re a natural leader, Carla. You welcome each and every participate with such love and genuine regard that it really sets the tone for strangers to become friends. You also create a safe space for women to connect and get into our bodies. I like how the sessions weave creativity into the strength and agility activities, like encouraging women to bear-crawl over boulders and to try new things with the natural environment. Honestly, the way you lead resonates perfectly with me – clear, consultative, approachable and present.

I experienced the shift from feeling a lack of confidence to confident. It’s amazing to be reminded that no matter how long it’s been, I can still keep up and love the hell out of moving my body. More specifically, I’d say my emotional shifts are from fear to love, from insecure to grateful, from separation to oneness. Subtle and personal but everything.

I also like how you weave in the physiology/functional movement content in such an accessible way. 

[The changes within me being] when I actually arrive. Though I LOVE being with the group, I’m second guessing my decision to leave my bed, my family, my Sunday the whole drive to our meeting spot. As soon as I join the group though, I’m fully committed and excited about kicking off my day in such a positive and heart-centred way."

~Mary Henley, Lioness

"Lionesses and you have changed my body and confidence so much. I can never thank you enough!"

~Meredith Dawson, Lioness

"I haven’t exercised in literally months and could easily join the group though of course part of the groups’ beauty is that each participant can tailor the intensity to their specific needs/wants/ability."


"Our experience with Lioness was magical. Through the simple idea of play, Carla was able to guide us through a series of exercises that encouraged all kinds of growth. We laughed, we hugged, we sat in quiet contemplation. The change in energy in the room in a 2 short hours was incredible. I had team members describing how their anxiety and fear just melted away. They felt calm, grounded and confident. I could not have asked for a better gift for my team or a better way to start our training event. Thank you again Carla. You truly have a gift."

~Melissa Wood, Lioness (this feedback was for a corporate event)

The flow of your sessions makes sense to me and feels very natural. I really appreciate that the forest breathing part is non-negotiable….that you prioritize and bring voice to the importance of taking a mindful pause. Very cool. I also think it’s rad that you encourage the group to share things they feel would be of value to the rest of the participants…the few minutes at the end for “announcements”.


What I want most of all is the encouragement to get out of the house early and to get some exercise in the gorgeous fresh air. Forming connections with the other participants is a bonus. 


"It was magical. Thank you so much"


"Carla's energy was really motivating"


"I took away the importance of PLAY in my life. Levity, lightness and freedom."


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