Play With Purpose Retreat

Play With Purpose Retreat


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Women’s Retreat

Bowen Island, Xenia Centre

April 26-28, 2019

The  intersection between physical movement & leadership 

rooted in purposeful play & play that probes purpose.

An invitation to gather and emerge.

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Weaving together physical movement and self leadership, join Dr. Carla Cupido and Chloe Gow-Jarrett on Bowen island for a weekend of exploration into your physical body and your self leadership.  This program is lovingly co-created to offer you an immersive experience to support you in introspection in your health and leadership.

This retreat articulates the intersection between physical movement and personal leadership, rooted in purposeful play and play that probes our purpose.

Chloe will guide you through sessions that support you to:

  • Build awareness of when you are in reaction instead of responding from choice

  • Notice and shift out of patterns that do not serve you

  • Take empowered action in situations that you typically experience as challenging

Your self leadership exploration will include learning and applying personal leadership principles, self reflection and sharing in small groups.  Chloe believes that self development should be fun and is committed to creating a playful environment to learn in, sharing from her successes and failures in practicing these principles for over ten years.

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Paired with movement exploration with Carla that will:

  • Challenge your physical resilience in a safe and supportive way

  • Help you integrate the connection between your mental state and your physical body

  • Learn how to reclaim your body in a way that feels accessible, fun and empowering

The movement exploration you will experience with Carla is playful, and derived from principles that teach clean biomechanical movement. No matter your current fitness level, awareness, or control of your body, you will be able to push your own developmental edge, finding innovative and joyful ways to challenge your body.

This program will deepen your relationship with nature, with the brave and beautiful women who will join us, and  most importantly, with your own self. Explore your purpose, celebrate nature, challenge yourself physically, and connect to your body.

Side effects of the retreat include:

  • Loving yourself more deeply

  • Increased appetite for personal challenge

  • Greater willingness to remain in the discomfort of your developmental edge

  • New friends

  • Laughter, fun and silliness



Dr. Carla Cupido

Dr. Carla Cupido is a Chiropractor and movement educator who has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Oprah Magazine, Running Times and Gaia Online Media, in addition to teaching for programs like Good Life Project.

Carla’s on a mission to drive a step change in our awareness of how our physical health directly impacts our game in life. She delivers her message with a powerful voice through a program called Lioness. Lioness brings together women to combine physical challenges, nature and community to radically impact fitness, self-belief and leadership using an unlikely and simple concept: group play.  Lioness reconnects women with who they were before life got “too busy” and empowers them to reclaim their bodies, their confidence, and realign with what really matters in life.

Chloe Gow-Jarrett

Chloe Gow-Jarrett is Founder and CEO of 3Fold Partners, a development firm that supports leaders in scaling the culture and leadership of their enterprise as it matures. For over 15 years, Chloe has been working alongside organizations to produce powerful, values-driven leaders.

Before developing 3Fold Partners, Chloe led training and leadership programming at yoga wear retailer lululemon athletica, enabling the company to scale from 3 to 200 stores while nurturing a unique and consistent culture. Celebrated for her ability to develop powerful, purposeful leaders and deliver results-driven programming, Chloe expertly crafts and facilitates transformational learning and growth experiences. Chloe is co-chairperson of the Vancouver Waldorf School Board of Trustees, is the mother of two energetic young boys, and is happiest when eating guacamole.


Xenia Centre is located on Bowen Island, just a short ferry away from Vancouver. It is a place of safety and beauty. It is a place to heal, to rest, to play and to discover one’s true nature and inherent gifts. Engulfed by green and loamy forest, surrounded by kind souls, nourished by delicious vegetarian food, we’ll be challenged in mind and body.  


All accommodation is shared and we will work to accommodate your roommate requests.  We will be enjoying fresh and delicious vegetarian food together and will gather your dietary requirements pre-event.


  • Accommodations - 2 nights + 2 days at Xenia Centre

  • Meals - 3 vegetarian meals / day

  • Movements - 2 practices / day

  • Workshop - multiple workshops / day


  • $700 early bird (until December 24 = $700)

  • $750 (December 25 to February 28)

  • $800 (March 1 - April 25)


Anytime after 5:00 PM (Friday)

Program starts at 6:00 PM


4:00 PM (Sunday)


From the Bowen Island BC Ferry terminal stay on the main road.  ( Go up the hill past the General Store until you get to the fork in the road at the Bowen Island Community School. Turn right onto Mt. Gardner Road. 5 or so kilometers later, at a fork in the road takeWoods Road on your right. Then almost immediately turn right again onto Smith Road.


Upon booking, there is a $400 non-refundable, but transferable deposit. Cancellations after March 1, 2019 are subject to partial refunds. No refunds will be granted after April 5, 2019. We understand life can happen, so your investment is transferable to another who is keen to participate in the retreat.


Is there anything I can do to prepare for this retreat?

Yes, start moving your body if you’re not already. Begin asking yourself what you want to get out of the weekend.

We’ve prepared a workshop for January 13, 2019 to help you kick off your year with purpose. You will get a taste for the type of movement you will encounter on retreat with us and the type of self-study for self-leadership you’ll be led into. It’s only $50 and 2 hours out of a Sunday morning. We know this will sell-out quickly to try to secure your spot today.

Play with Purpose Workshop

You can also attend regular Lioness Sessions in North Vancouver to start building your physical body up to work towards your own physical health goals!

What if I don’t know anyone who wants to come with me?

Well that means you get to come and make some amazing new friends.  

I want to bunk up with a friend, is that possible?

Accommodation at Xenia Centre is shared and we’ll do our best to meet your requests.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Our menu is vegetarian, but we’ll be asking about restrictions and will accommodate as best we can.

I’m not feeling fit right now and am intimidated about the movement piece, is this still right for me?

Yes, our movement pieces will be focused around all fitness levels.

I’ve never studied personal leadership before, will this be a fit for me?

Only you can answer this question.  If you are curious about exploring your habits, willing to engage in personal reflection and open to trying new things, this retreat is for you!

I’ve done a lot of self-study, will this be appropriate for me?

Every moment is a chance to experience the familiar as new.  You choose.


Chloe is a powerful facilitator who asks the right questions; questions that lead me to much needed exploration and self-awareness, while creating a space where I felt comfortable and safe.

Caroline Carter, C-Suite

"Through Lioness, Dr. Carla Cupido brings together women to combine physical challenges and community to radically impact fitness, self-belief and leadership using an unlikely and simple concept: group play. Lioness reconnects women with who they were before life got “too busy” and empowers them to reclaim their bodies, their confidence, and realign with what really matters in life."

Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project

Chloe's workshops are seriously magic. She is a truly empowered leader who is helping others find their way through the fog of leadership. She is smart, warm, caring and thoughtful and she gets you to ask really tough questions that ground you in knowing how to move forward in your life and work.

Janet Moore, Co-Founder CityStudio Vancouver

 After participating in Lioness, I experienced the shift from feeling a lack of confidence to confident. It’s amazing to be reminded that no matter how long it’s been, I can still keep up and love the hell out of moving my body. More specifically, I’d say my emotional shifts are from fear to love, from insecure to grateful, from separation to oneness. Subtle and personal but everything.

Mary Henley, Lioness