Being a Lioness is about more than just playing in the forest. It's about finding the balance between discipline and play. It's about training not only your body, but also your mind. It's about a commitment to yourself that enables you to lead with greater clarity, passion, and energy for those who look up to you.

Whether you are a teacher, a mother, or a CEO, we all have a physical body that can be used as a tool to dive deeper within ourselves in order to expand into our greatness. 

You know you are ready to reclaim your body and the parts of you that you left behind years ago. It's time to break through your habits of movement and realize how intimately they are connected to the way you see yourself and live your life. Training is a tool that we can use to not only build strong bodies, but resilient minds, all while connecting to the parts of us that make us feel whole and as though we are living to our max! 

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